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EAD launches the Abu Dhabi Sustainability Group

The invitation by H.E Mohammed Ahmed Al Bowardi, Secretary General of the Executive Council of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, Managing Director of EAD to establish the Abu Dhabi Sustainability Group attracted high response from government establishments and private sector companies, where 15 declared their interest to join in this group.

This is in to support the Environment Agency's efforts in the development and implementation of standards and make use of the best suitable technology to enable the Emirate achieve the required change.

This will also enhance the companies' competitiveness in global markets in the near future supporting Abu Dhabi government's objectives to become one of the best five governments in the world.

Al Bowardi called for the establishment Abu Dhabi Sustainability Group, which will consist of representatives of key sectors in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi including oil and gas, real estate, construction and banks. The group will participate in quarterly meetings to exchange experiences and identify targets and training needs in key areas for the implementation of sustainability.

The Environment Agency-Abu Dhabi announced the launch of Abu Dhabi Sustainability Group, the first of its kind at the level of public sector institutions in the Arab world and the region, in the ceremony held in Abu Dhabi on Monday, June 30, 2008 in the presence of H.E Majid Al Mansouri, Secretary General of the Environment Agency - Abu Dhabi and representatives of government non government companies.

The launch ceremony of the establishments and companies forming the Abu Dhabi Sustainability Excellence Group, includes Dolphin Energy, Aldar Properties, Emirates Foundation, Soruh real estate, Adnoc, Abu Dhabi Tourism Authority, ADWEA, Health Authority-Abu Dhabi, the Higher Corporation for specialized industrial zones, Department of Municipal affairs, National Bank of Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Department of Planning, Economy and Department Transport. 

Abu Dhabi Sustainability Group consists of two types of organizations. First category includes a limited number of private companies, who are committed to adopt the concept of Sustainability and to issue special quarterly reports on sustainability starting in September 2008. These represent the major sectors in Abu Dhabi which include oil and gas, real estate, construction and banks. The group includes at least one of each of the seven sectors involved in the environment, health and safety system. 

The group will participate in quarterly meeting to exchange experiences and establish goals and identify training courses on practical considerations of sustainability. It will encourage the significant benefits achieved by the one or two companies in each sector to encourage a greater number of other companies in that sector and push them to embrace sustainability. 

The second category includes a number of government establishments, which will follow the same way of the group composed by the private sector. As is the case with the private sector, the success of sustainability management of these authorities will encourage a larger number of government establishments to adapt sustainability management.

"Abu Dhabi is keen to keep the balance between the fast development and the sustainability requirements."

At the end of his speech, Al Mansouri invited all government establishments and private sector companies to participate in Abu Dhabi Sustainability Excellence Group to form a wider network of companies in the area of sustainability. 

"We are all partners in working towards achieving economic and environmental sustainability and social development; we are all one team, working for a common goal which is towards a sustainable environment for a sustainable future," he added.

H.E Al Bowardi's invitation to establish this group came during the launch of EAD's sustainability report for 2007, which covers the Agency's annual performance related to sustainability during 2007.

Abu Dhabi Sustainability Group members:
1.Higher corporation Specialized Economic Zones
2.Al Dar
3.National bank of Abu Dhabi
4.Department of transportation
5.Department of Planning and Economic -Abu Dhabi
6.Dolphin Energy
7.Department of municipal Affairs
8.Abu Dhabi National oil Company (Adnoc)
9.Soruh Real State
10.Abu Dhabi Chamber of commerce & Industry
11.Emirates Foundation
12.Abu Dhabi Tourism Authority
13.Environment Agency -Abu Dhabi
14.Health Authority-Abu Dhabi
15.Abu Dhabi Water & Electricity Authority

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