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Dubai Police issues first report on Sustainability for 2015

Releasing the first report by the Dubai Police on sustainability in 2015, Major General Dr. Abdul Quddus Abdul Razzaq Al Obaidly, Assistant Commander-in-Chief for Quality and Excellence, has affirmed that all efforts were being made to realise the sustainable vision of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai.

Dr. Al Obaidly said under Sheikh Mohammed, Dubai has emerged among the world’s leading and unique cities when it comes to sustainable development.

He said the strategic goals being pursued by Dubai were compatible with the UAE Vision 2021, the Green Economy for Sustainable Development Initiative and the Dubai Plan 2021.

The report, entitled "Steady Security and Satisfactory Services," was approved by the Global Reporting Initiative. It will be translated into English and published online, Major General Obaidly added.

Major General Obaidly said the Dubai Police has become the first police force in the world to fulfil all requirements to emerge as a sustainable institution economically, socially as well as environmentally.

He added the Dubai Police is working to put in place a strategy to ensure that the security sector remains in harmony with the vision and mission of the UAE leadership.

''This was important, since sustainability means thinking about the future. Cooperation with all concerned parties, continuous efforts to raise awareness and complete transparency were required to fulfil this commitment,'' he added.

Referring to the challenges that the police force faces currently, Major General Obaidly said as a leading police institution, it was imperative to ensure that issues of sustainability and organizational growth were factored into the strategic plans at the drafting stage itself.

Guaranteeing the satisfaction of employees and partners with an emphasis on capacity building, promoting scientific research and launching smart services was also important. He also underlined the need to create more job opportunities for citizens in order to achieve social and economic development.

He said the Dubai Police offers advanced levels of security services, backed by technological support as well as officers’ skills and capacities. It also organises activities to raise awareness and keeps a constant channel of communication open with the community.

Major General Obaidly said the rise in trade activities has resulted in the emergence of certain new types of crimes that have a financial or economic dimension. To deal with such a scenario, a new department to check economic crimes was established.

This department has been tasked with fighting fraud, forgery, commercial fraud and piracy.

He stated that the Dubai police was able to prevent 524 economic crimes in 2015, involving more than Dh363 million.

The key role of the Dubai Police remains protecting society and the economy, so that the environment remains conducive for investors.

Citing statistics, he said foreign investments in Dubai in 2015 reached Dh28.6 billion, according to the Financial Times Markets. Dubai was ranked fourth in terms of number of new investment projects, and sixth in terms of attracting foreign capital.

According to the Dubai Investment Monitor, 2015 witnessed a 16 percent increase, compared to 2014.

Dubai police destroyed 291 tons of waste from wood, plastic and alcoholic beverages in 2015, and discarded 177,207 kg of food waste.

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