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Dolphin Energy released 2011 Sustainability Report

Dolphin Energy Limited today released details of its third sustainability report, ‘Creating Sustainable Results with Positive Energy’. 

The report has been prepared in conjunction with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), which has developed comprehensive international guidelines for sustainability reporting. GRI has classified the report as ‘A/GRI Checked’, indicating high levels of transparency and disclosure.

Commenting on the company’s 2011 performance, Dolphin Energy’s CEO, Mr Ahmed Ali Al Sayegh said: “We continue to make improvements in our overall sustainability performance and we are working hard to drive sustainability principles to support the economies of the UAE, Qatar and Oman. 

“Our focus is on how we can maximize positive economic, social and environmental impacts that help us in our quest to be an effective and responsible partner, neighbor and employer.” 

The 2011 report focuses on performance split across four important areas that comprise Dolphin Energy’s sustainability framework – sustainability management, economic sustainability, social sustainability and environmental sustainability. The framework captures sixteen ‘sustainability issues’ upon which the company’s performance has been measured.

Highlights from the year include: 

-  Accumulated 3 trillion standard cubic feet of gas since production began
-  Experienced its eighth successive year featuring zero lost time incidents in the UAE
-  Recognized for its support of Qatar’s first Sustainable Development Industry report
-  Reduced flaring and greenhouse gas emissions by 26% and 4.7% respectively; spent more than US$9.5 million on environmental protection in 2011
-  Increased the Emiratization level to 48%; increased the Qatarization level to 31%
-  Contributed more than US$5.5 million in community investments in 2011, an 82% increase on 2010 contributions
-  Registered a 39% increase in tons of recycled material; zero reportable spills of any kind occurred

“We have a responsibility to being a transparent corporate citizen and ask that our stakeholders continue to make us accountable for our actions so that we maintain our support for sustainable development in the countries in which we operate,” Mr. Al Sayegh added.

Copies of the 2011 report are available on www.dolphinenergy.com

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