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DHL Bahrain marks World Environment Day

In line with the company's CSR program GoGreen, more than 45 employees from the Bahrain Hub division of DHL, the world's logistics company, volunteered to commemorate World Environment Day on June 5th by building an artificial reef off the coast of Bahrain.

The DHL team visited the production yard of the region's first dedicated artificial reef manufacturer, Reef Arabia, to get a hands-on experience of not only building genuine Reef Ball units but also learnt how they are being used within the government sponsored Bahrain Artificial Reef Project.

DHL Express Bahrain Hub General Manager Stephen Duff said "As part of DHL's GoGreen social responsibility, we wanted to mark this year's World Environment Day in Bahrain with a sustainable project. The artificial reef will help support Bahrain's natural reefs and sustain the ecosystem. DHL staff will have the opportunity to visit the reef once it has been constructed and deployed to see firsthand that they can make a difference not only today, but for future generations."

Project manager at Reef Arabia, Michael Arora said "I think everyone, Bahraini and expatriates alike, has a responsibility to protect the environment and where it needs a little help, we should do something about it. DHL's contribution, the largest privately funded sponsorship to date, will go a long way in giving nature a helping hand to start a new marine habitat and one, which over time, we hope will be self sustaining."

Reef Arabia manufactures artificial reef units in Bahrain, ranging in size from 20 kg to over 6 tonnes and is authorised through Reef Ball Australia to manufacture the Reef Ball, the most widely used artificial reef unit in the world. Similar to Arabian Gulf coral bommies, Reef Balls are ideal for juvenile and adult fish and have proven effective in over 60 countries.

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