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CSR KPIs still suffering from constant statment,and still depends In personality understanding of sustainability concept ,also it depends on the way of CSR application and CSR targeted activities on each organization.

Of course there is many ways to  measure KPIs on CSR projects ,such as SEE(social,economics,environment) analysis in order to check sustainability factors .This analysis has no fixed way to stimulate and its look like incomplete to everyone even many new articles  has been  published regarding to it.

Stakeholders satisfaction can be one of measures or the way to check the success of CSR strategy, also there is no unified way for measurement ,even CSR  ISO 26000 doesn’t mentioned deep practice for measurement ,its only submitted on Clause 5 and clause 7 .

Most of professional people in this subject when they go for analysis they using RADAR method ,but still unsatisfied for anyone.

It’s a time to find out fixed factors for measurement as well as to find out global way  for assessment  

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