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The Corporate Sector around the world is struggling with a new role, which is to meet the needs of the present generation without compromising the ability of the next generation. Businesses now have to take responsibility for the ways their operations impact society and the natural environment. The Corporate Sector must  now  focus  its  attention  on  achieving  the  'triple  bottom  line'-  people,  planet  and profit. 

now  trying  to  ensure  that  economic  growth  is  socially  and  environmentally

sustainable The  importance  of  businesses  in  improving  the  quality  of  life  is  well recognized. However, there is  growing  awareness that in  an increasingly  complex world,  businesses  also  have  significant  and  long-lasting  impacts  on  people,  our planet  and  our  ability  to  sustain  the  levels  of  holistic  development  that  we  all aspire  to.

 This  realization  has  also  brought  an  increasing  concern  amongst  all stakeholders,  who  are  demanding  that  businesses  of  all  types  and  sizes  need  to function  with  fairness  and  responsibility.  Specifically,  this  calls  for  businesses  being thoroughly aware and conscious of their social, environmental and economic  responsibilities, and balance these different considerations in an ethical manner.

When businesses are supported by appropriate Government policy regime that encourages  systematic  movement  towards  responsible  thinking,  decision-making, and  a  progressive  movement  towards  sustainability,  the  trajectory  of  overall growth  and  development  takes  a  positive  turn.  Such  a  responsible  approach  on part  of  the  business  duly  supported  by  the  Government  alone  would  secure  our future  and  ensure  that  wholesome  benefits  accrue  to  people,  and  our  planet;  even as businesses continue to make surpluses that can be re-invested for the growth of the economy.

All business are need to adopt CSR as a business model rather philanthropic activities  like blood donation, eye check up , businesses  emphasis must have  to  endeavour  to  become responsible actors in society, so that their every action leads to sustainable growth and economic development.

'Responsible  Business'  instead  of  Corporate  Social  Responsibility  (CSR)  as  the term  'Responsible  Business'  encompasses  the  limited scope  and  understanding  of the term CSR.   Responsible businesses alone  will  be  able  to  help  in  meet  its  ambitious  goal  of  inclusive  and sustainable all round development.



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