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Dubai-based Tristar Group’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives have been recognised with the receipt of three separate awards from different organisations in recent weeks. Tristar Group chief executive Eugene Mayne says, “When Tristar was born in 1998 the decision was made to be a responsible business. This meant not only operating to the highest safety and environmental standards but also caring for the communities where the company operates. Over the years Tristar has developed a strong CSR culture and today it is an integral part of the company’s business strategy.”

The first recognition was the Partnerships and Collaboration Category award given by the Arabia CSR Network for Tristar’s ‘Let’s go home safely’ road safety campaign for senior high school students in partnership with UK-based Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA). The campaign highlighted the appeals of RoSPA road safety experts to wear seat belts even at the back, not to use mobile phones even with hands-free sets, and to keep a safe distance from the vehicle in front.

This October, The Maritime Standard presented Mr. Mayne with the CSR Award for Tristar projects in the UAE, Pakistan, the Pacific Island of Guam and Haiti which are focused on road safety, education, health and the environment. A particularly life-changing initiative the group launched in Haiti in 2015 was the distribution of the Tristar Water Bags to 100 families in the Kenscoff mountains whose residents have to walk for four hours to fetch water from the foothill area without having a proper container. The water bag, with a 5 gallon capacity, made their lives easier as the water bag is a durable and efficient human water transport tool.

Tristar has also recently received the CSR Label certificate from the Dubai Chamber of Commerce. This follows an assessment of CSR policy in four areas – environment, community, workplace and market place.

Mr Mayne concludes, “Private sector companies have to be responsible in managing the impact of their businesses on the community and the environment. There is a common saying that a good company makes money but a great company cares for the community and I would like Tristar to be in the category of a great company.”

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