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Council of Chambers Launched a Program of 5 Axes for "Companies Sustainability" and activating its Role in the Development

In an unprecedented step to entrench a culture of social responsibility of companies  and sustainability in their development strategies for the various economic sectors, the Council of Saudi Chambers  launched  the program "Companies Sustainability" to meet the needs of the community and business sectors of developing programs, find regulatory frameworks and prepare appropriate environment for the application of best practices in social responsibility and sustainability fields  in business sectors in the Kingdom.

     According to the Director General of the productive sector in the Council of Chambers  Mr. Abdul-Malik al-Sulaiman, the program  "Companies Sustainability" consists of (5) axes of work and includes an integrated long-term plan for activating  the role of companies in the development and its real contribution to activate the role of the private sector in the system of national development through the development of indicators and standards for companies  for each sector. Also, to create jobs, qualify and train Saudi  competencies, make successful models as well as  review the policies, laws and government regulations for all economic sectors to stimulate the companies in this field.
     To implement the program, Council  of Saudi Chambers signed a contract with  Tamkeen Company for Sustainable Solutions as a strategic partner and director of the project, which extends to nearly two years.
      Al-Suleiman added that in the framework of the Council's role and its interest in serving the private sector and providing solutions that help it to carry out perfectly its developing and social role, and under its tireless efforts to achieve these trends and strengthen its role in stimulating the private sector to adopt various initiatives, this ambitious program has been launched to help the Saudi private sector facilities to activate its national and developing role  and maintain the gains of the private sector and its sustainability.
     For its part, CEO  of  Tamkeen Company, Ms. Asia bint Abdullah Al-Sheikh clarified that this program is  solution for  many challenges of the private sector in this area that needs t empowerment, support and motivation in order to activate its role in development  and  developing its work. The sustainability of  companies is one of concepts resulting from the concept of social responsibility for the companies.
     She said that the adopting of Council of Chambers for this important national project for the present and future generations and  maintaining the gains of development and what its role will undertake to consolidate and coordinate efforts to achieve the concepts of the developing sustainability of companies and  its social responsibility ,  hopes are still focused on interaction of private sector enterprises with this project in order to achieve its objectives.

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