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Corporate Social Responsibility and protecting environment are key factors in any Financial project

Manama - Bahrain -- Corporate Social Responsibility and protecting the environment are two key factors private establishments should consider before engaging in any financial project.

This was highlighted in the economic session by Dr. Mustafa Al Sayyed, who said that all stakeholders should work collectively to ensure that the above factors are considered.
“ Governance is an important aspect that requires public participation and is designed to help everyone. The economic session focused on how efficiently it is important to control and utilize government financial resources,” said Dr. Al Sayyed ,who is representing Bahrain Health and Safety Society.
He added that it was important to protect green zones to preserve the environment, that private establishments should keep in mind before venturing in any project.

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Comment by Frank Ciampa on July 23, 2011 at 11:48am

Yes, it is certainly a good idea to consider the “triple
bottom line” in any project, but how is this being done? Saying this should be
done and actually doing it effectively are two different things. Did Dr.
Mustafa Al Sayyed provide any guidance or direction on how to work out the
calculations for considerations of each project? If not, I’d say that the good
doctor isn’t telling us anything we haven’t heard before.


Is there anyone out there that is currently doing 3x
bottom line calculations for project? Are you having success? Please share your

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