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Canon Emirates receives renewal of ISO 14001 Environmental Management Standard certification

Canon Emirates, a leader in imaging solutions, has been re-certified to the ISO 14001 environmental management standard following an external environment audit reporting no ‘non-conformities’. The recertification highlights Canon’s ongoing commitment to meet all applicable environmental regulations while continuously improving its environmental performance in the local community.

The internationally recognised ISO 14001 standard, to which more than 800 Canon sites worldwide are certified, is a strong reflection of the successful integration of environmentally responsible practices across all aspects of the business. The Canon Group is one of very few organisations that has achieved consolidated ISO 14001 certification covering all operations globally.

Shadi Bakhour, General Manager, Canon Emirates said: “At Canon, we aim to reduce the environmental impact of our products throughout their lifecycle from design concept to end of life. In 2014, our goal was to improve lifecycle CO2 emissions per product by 3%. Additionally, we looked at reducing waste per unit by 1% for the year, both compared to 2013. These efforts are in line with Canon’s clear targets to manage the environmental impact of its products and operations across the region.

“Canon supports and implements sustainability initiatives as part of the organisation’s Kyosei philosophy, which is a Japanese word meaning living and working together for the common good. Our dedication to responsible business is deeply embedded within our culture and is valued by our customers, partners and stakeholders alike. “

Canon Middle East & Canon Emirates continues to invest heavily in sustainable best practices with environmental initiatives at the core of Canon’s CSR commitment. The ISO 14001 environmental management system provides a framework for employees in Canon Middle East & Canon Emirates to identify and control the environmental impact of operations in line with regional regulations. A CSR and environment coordinator is appointed in each company department and every employee receives environmental awareness training.

Canon was recently recognised for its environmental and CSR efforts by the Dubai Chamber and received the CSR Label for the third consecutive year. Additionally, Canon was awarded ‘Best Environmental Practices in the Arab World’ in 2014 by the Arab Organisation for Social Responsibility as well as being recognised at the GEC Awards for its wide range of community activities that addressed the environment, healthcare, sports and personal development. Currently, Canon holds the 26th position on the Interbrand Best Global Green Brands list.

Canon Middle East & Canon Emirates serves as an active partner in the communities it operates in, by working with governments, academic, humanitarian, and arts and culture organisations, to integrate corporate social responsibility across all elements of the business.

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