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Arab Bank launches its first sustainability report

Arab Bank launched its first annual Sustainability report on June 27, 2011 as a summary of the Bank's performance in the social, environmental and economic fields during 2010. Publishing this annual sustainability report comes as part of the Bank's evolving strategy to integrate sustainability practices within the lines of business and daily operations of the Bank.

The report, certified at a level 'B' by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), is a comprehensive account of our sustainability framework, management approaches and accomplishments in addressing economic, environmental and social issues. The report, available online at the Bank's website in Arabic and English, is also a detailed record of the impact of the Bank's operations in the different fields. 

Mr. Abdel Hamid Shoman, Chairman of Arab Bank said, "Arab Bank evolved its sustainability strategy into a multi-dimensional approach that integrates the Bank's business lines, operations and staff to make a more powerful impact on the community where we operate." Mr. Shoman also added, "The culmination of this report is a testament to the efforts the Bank has invested in economic, environmental and social development; not to mention a milestone for the financial industry in the Kingdom given that we are the first Jordan-based bank to issue such a report." 

Ms. Dina Shoman, Executive Vice President of Branding at Arab Bank commented, "The Arab Bank's Sustainability report measures the effectiveness of the initiatives undertaken by the Bank in 2010, serving as a guideline for future initiatives." Ms. Shoman further explained, "By having these measures, we can benchmark our progress year to year to hopefully be able to continuously improve our impact."

The Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) is a network-based organization that pioneered the world's most widely used sustainability reporting framework.

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