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1600 Tomooh Scholarships provided by PepsiCo to Arab youth

PepsiCo concluded its seventh Year of its Tomooh Scholarship Programme, a key Corporate Social Responsibility programme to empower the Arab youth through education, in partnership with Ajialouna NGO. The scholarship programme has helped 1600 young Lebanese achieve their dreams of attending University with 331 students in Lebanon, receiving financial aid in 2012.

At a formal ceremony and dinner at Em Sharif in Achrafieh, attended by the Minister of Information Dr. Walid Daouk as well as officials from PepsiCo, Ajialouna and media, PepsiCo thanked its many partners who have showed unconditional support to the programme in its seventh consecutive year.

Ajialouna's President, Dr. Lina El Dada, opened the ceremony with a speech thanking PepsiCo for 'opening the doors of opportunity to the rising youth, helping them to continue their educational path towards a successful and prosperous future'.

El Dada stated, "331 scholarships have been distributed this year to outstanding students from all Lebanese regions. She concluded the speech with a special thank you word to the media representatives, who, and through their efforts, spread the awareness about Tomooh, and thus increasing the number of applicants to the programme." 

Mr. Marwan Istaitie, general manager for the East Mediterranean and Africa at PepsiCo, gave a speech highlighting the efforts of PepsiCo and its partners who were committed and dedicated in empowering the Arab youth through Tomooh, despite the difficult challenges that Lebanon is going through this year. 

"PepsiCo's primary concern is the students' perseverance in completing their education and focusing on their studies," Istaitie said. "PepsiCo's Tomooh Programme will continue next year for the eighth year in a row, as will our faith in young leaders of tomorrow. Tomooh's slogan is, 'A Dream needs not an imagination, for it is born with ambition," Istaitie added.

After seven years, PepsiCo has contributed more than US $1,400,000 through Tomooh given in the form of 1600 scholarships to exceptional Lebanese students facing financial challenges, without any form discrimination, mediation or discrimination. 

Istaitie also thanked the Media for their generous coverage throughout the years, and concluded his speech with a warm Thank You note to Ajialouna, saying: "Tomooh's success would not have been possible without the full dedication we receive from Ajialouna's team, lead by Dr. Lina Dada and managed by Mrs. Nada Kutoubi since 2006." The event was concluded with trophies handed out to each of the 10 ladies from Ajialouna who supported the programme." 

The Tomooh educational programme was initiated in 2003, when Saad Abdul-Latif, PepsiCo's Chief Executive Officer for Asia, Middle East & Africa, had committed $1m for educational empowerment of Arab youth.

The programme was launched in Lebanon in 2006, and later expanded to Jordan and Egypt and has succeed in providing support to more than 52,000 beneficiaries and 12,550 students.

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