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CSR in the Middle East: Reality and Challenges by Lama Diab

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is becoming more fully integrated into the company’s core business strategy. CSR moved beyond philanthropy. It is identified as activity benefiting its shareholders. Industries, that are dependent on the exploitation of natural resources, such as chemical, mining and crude oil production, gas and electric industries, have identified environmental responsibility as their primary CSR focus.

In the Middle East, we can find companies that are still…


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The CSR Trendsetter

One of the great joys of being a journalist is our privileged interaction with passionate people from all segments of the society. By the very nature of our work, we have direct access to those who are driving change and forging new paths. Most of it is almost routine. But, once in a while, we meet people who stand out and outshine this mighty company. Dana Haiden is one of those memorable ones. Instantly likable and articulate, Haiden's candor is a rarity among executives at her level…


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Brand Your Employees, Not Your Organization

Consider these trends: 92% of employees’ social connections don’t follow the brand they work for

Shares on social media by employees has an impact of 8 times than those done by companies

About 33% of employees post messages, videos and pictures on social media about their employer without any encouragement from the employer.

65% of people globally would prefer to work for an organization with a powerful social conscience

It is evident from the above that not just the…


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Why we need to teach what we need to learn the most in our CSR strategy with our employees!

" You want us to do what?" coupled with the look of complete fear and followed by the declaration "She has to be kidding!" is typical within the first two minutes of my workshops. And it is purposeful.

Someone very wise said " If you cannot explain it to a 8 years old, then you did not understand it yourself". And personally I have taken this to heart and developed my own 2.0 version. Everything I need to learn, I personally go and develop a curriculum to teach the topic to youths. It…


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CSR Middle East welcomes 2000th member

Dear Members,

It has been great pleasure to work with you for last 9 years. CSR & Sustainability is a great passion for us and we all have witnessed the growth of CSR in our region together. 

Today, 2000th member joined to CSR Middle East, which makes us excited to reach another mile-stone at our platform. Our main aim is to promote the heartfelt activities & efforts and contribute to the regional CSR…


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How CSR is making an impact in the Middle East and North Africa? via BAYT.COM

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) means working for a greater cause. In recent years CSR has gained prominence and support among management. On the other hand, at an individual level, charity and community service is part of the socio-cultural expectation from the average Middle Eastern resident. How far are these efforts successful?…


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Can CSR Help Heal Social Fissures in the Middle East?

Until 2011, Bahrain was considered the Gulf region's most liberal economy. Its real gross domestic product growth reached a peak of 8% in 2008, and its capital of Manama was a regional banking and legal hub. But after the Arab Spring provoked pro-democracy protests and a tough government response, the Gulf country's economy is estimated to have lost billions, and businesses fled.

Despite ongoing patches of unrest, business has begun to start up again in Bahrain. As one finance…


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Analysis: Sustainable supply chain in the Middle East

by Ahmad Lala

Global Research institute APMG-International announced last month that the UAE alone is using 225 per cent more energy than Europe.

“In fact,” said Alan Harpham, chairman of APMG-International: “The UAE’s per capita footprint of 9.5 hectares is four times more than the global per person 2.1 hectares availability.”

He added that the UAE must step up management of its ecological footprint, in response to research which revealed that the…


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IIIrd Care Pack distribution for MBM Women Employees in Abudhabi, UAE.

Labors of Love UAE an service organisation working for the welfare of the workmen in UAE who are working hard day and night in developing the nation, honoured the blue collared women employees of Modern Building…


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Al Shaima Girls wins GPS Eco-School of the Year

 The Green Programme for Schools (GPS) presented awards to participating schools that showed outstanding commitment to the environmental campaign at Hafsa Independent School on November 6, 2012.

 Al Shaima Girls Independent School won the GPS ‘Eco-School of the Year’; Doha Modern Indian School won the ‘Best Student Participation’ award while Ali Bin Taleb Independent School won the School for Best Innovation award.

 All participating schools received recognition for…


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Youth Simran Vedvyas from Dubai UAE attends the First World Energy Forum 2012 in Dubai

World Energy Summit, Dubai addressed to global energy, poverty and sustainability.  The World Energy Forum 2012 took place at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Center in Dubai, United Arab Emirates- 22nd -24th October 2012.  I was part of the Official Delegation U.A.E. I learnt a lot from…


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تقرير الاستدامة لمجموعة "نقل": التزام أخلاقي يعكس شفافية وإيماناً بالتنمية

في ظل الأوضاع الاقتصادية الصعبة التي يعانيها الأردنيون من شرائح مختلفة؛ خصوصا ذوي الدخل المحدود، ومع استمرار التأثيرات السلبية لظاهرتي البطالة والفقر على المجتمع، تظهر جلياً أهمية برامج المسؤولية الاجتماعية لشركات القطاع الخاص التي تنفذها منفردة أو بالشراكة مع القطاع العام، خصوصاً أن هذا المفهوم نشأ أصلاً لملامسة وتغطية احتياجات المجتمعات المحلية ومشاركة الشركات لهموم الناس…


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Social Enterprises Practices Set the Bar for Corporate Social Responsibility


Pushing corporate social responsibility at a higher level begins locally first.  The undercurrent of responsibility to one’s local community pretty much sums up the mission of a social enterprise.  But when a social enterprise is built around the idea that businesses need to take responsibility for its community, business practices, and employees, then a social enterprise bolsters the definition of corporate social…


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Corporate Sustainability in Saudi Arabia

There is a pressing need to create the culture of sustainability in the Kingdom

With the growing challenges facing countries around the world, a bigger and more structured role for the private sector in development is becoming more and more evident. Governments alone find themselves…


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The Corporate Sector around the world is struggling with a new role, which is to meet the needs of the present generation without compromising the ability of the next generation. Businesses now have to take responsibility for the ways their operations impact society and the natural environment. The Corporate Sector must  now  focus  its  attention  on  achieving  the  'triple  bottom  line'-  people,  planet  and profit. 

now  trying  to  ensure …


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The Benefits of being a Member of CSR Middle East

Our Foundation is new to the region. We were really in a bind a week or so ago when a planned fieldtrip went amock. We take students who go through our leadership program on a fieldtrip to a Socially Responsible company as part of our 'It is up to you to change the World" lesson. We desperately reached out to CSR Middle East and Maha came to our rescue giving us the…


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Here’s the truth, we are not educating our youths to be leaders if we are not equipping them with the right questions and expectations of the corporate world. After all, they are the business owners, managers, employees etc. of the future. And no teacher or school can teach this in a classroom……….that is a fact.

It has to be real, it has to involve people who are out…


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Dr. Soliman Fakeeh Hospital; The first in the MENA region and one of few hospitals worldwide to publish an A+ CSR report

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has become a raw model in Sustainability in the Middle East by implementing several governmental initiatives like the Saudi Arabia Responsible Competitiveness Index (SARCI), the Global Competitiveness Forum and others.  It is known that the SARC Index, managed by the Saudi Arabian General Investment Authority (SAGIA) and the King Khalid…


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The Good Hospital Guide: A sustainability guide for hospitals by Dr. Soliman Fakeeh Hospital

A review of the Fortune top 1000 companies list, reveals that among the 14 listed in the “Healthcare: Medical Facilities”, not one has issued any kind of non-financial reports. A GRI reports’ list shows that among the 1003 organizations reporting in the year 2008, only eight from the healthcare service have reported their sustainability performance.  Considering the level…


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Media One cares partners with Growing Leaders to teach teamwork through chef lessons and introduce kids to hospitality industry

When we initially approached Media One Hotel, a hip trendy hotel in Media City to host students for our leadership program and incorporate their staff into our lesson plan on Corporate Social Responsiblity........they were not too eager!

They mentioned to us they were not a family friendly hotel , they were fully booked…


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