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Tamkeen Consultancy:

Tamkeen Sustainability Advisors launched the 1st CSR study in Saudi Arabia aiming at gathering a better understanding of CSR in the eyes of the corporate sector and their understanding of socio-economic and environmental challenges in the country. The study was conducted with CEOs and senior management of most of the top 100 companies in KSA. The report discusses representations of Saudi CSR in both local and international contexts and presents piercing analysis of business leaders stand on a number of issues to create effective CSR practices in the country.

Topics include perceptions and rationales for CSR activities in local context, current activities and commitments, priority social and environmental issues and where business can be most effective. Furthermore, the report discusses the need for effective organizing for CSR and the linkages to business strategy and competitiveness. The conclusions highlight models of corporate engagements based on promising early experiences from Saudi companies and a road map for both the private and public sectors to advance CSR to effectively support the development needs in the country.

The study was conducted in partnership with The International Institute for Industrial Environmental Economics, Sweden. Findings were released during the JEF on the 26th of February 2007. To view the full report please click here

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