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So far Egypt has attached relatively little importance to corporate social responsibility, but this is changing, particularly because of the growing international prominence of CSR; indeed, it is now becoming fashionable in Egypt. Yet not every Egyptian company is showing the necessary consistency and seriousness of purpose in its social responsibilities. 

German companies in Egypt are engaged in society because they are familiar with CSR from the initiatives of their headquarters in Germany. NGOs are demanding that companies in Egypt increase their CSR efforts in accordance with international practice. There is very little mention of CSR in the Egyptian media.

Under the PPP program, Germany’s federally-owned Deutsche Gesellschaft für Technische Zusammenarbeit (GTZ) works with these companies and associations in developing and transformation countries to achieve development synergies. Their projects are jointly planned, financed and implemented. Companies benefit from GTZ’s contacts, experience and network of experts, while they, in turn, contribute to achieving development-policy goals: They create jobs, introduce technological innovations to countries in the southern and eastern parts of the world, and upgrade production processes. They invest in human beings and the environment, and in so doing also ensure the success of their own businesses.

Public Private Partnerships in Egypt:
•    Introducing internationally recognized standards for training welders
•    Developing and implementing an ecologically and economically sustainable system of hotel management
•    Business intelligence (IT concept) for cotton products, fruits and vegetables 
•    Support for teaching and learning materials used in vocational education (CBT/WBT systems)
•    Enhancing value chains in the textile sector (export-oriented small and medium-sized businesses)
•    E-learning for upgrading middle management in carpet production, sales and marketing

A CSR committee of the German-Arab Chamber of Industry and Commerce (GACIC) in Cairo provides a platform for companies from both countries to exchange information and ideas for CSR initiatives/projects. This allows interested companies that lack the capacity to undertake a project on their own to play an active role in CSR efforts by working together with like-minded parties.

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