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Students tour industries as part of Tamkeen's 'Discover Life at Work' campaign

Tamkeen's 'Discover Life at Work' careers awareness programme is giving students an inside perspective of various industries in Bahrain. The nationwide campaign was initiated on the basis of a Skills Gaps Study commissioned by Tamkeen, covering the local labour market.

The study highlighted job opportunities available in some of the sectors that were critical to advance the Kingdom's development process and economy, such as the logistics, manufacturing and tourism industries as promising sectors for Bahrainis.

The Discover Life at Work campaign invites students to participate in organising a Careers Convention. These students are currently being trained for the Careers Convention that will be held on 23-25 November 2011. As part of the training, the participants are being escorted by Team Leaders to offices and factories of Logistics, Manufacturing and Tourism companies.

It is expected that the convention will attract all students from middle to secondary school levels in all public and private schools in Bahrain, in addition to those who wish to visit the festival in general.

As event partners, companies such as Awal Express, APL, Intercol, BANZ, GAC, Aramex, Jawad Business Group and UASC will be participating in the Exhibition during the Convention. Most of them are involved in providing training to student participants. Additionally, GAC, APL and UASC will be providing Shipping Containers that will be used at the Convention site, free of charge.

Students were introduced to the world of logistics and trained about shipping procedures. The Manufacturing team went on a trip to Jotun where they learned all about safety procedures, administration, sales, mixing of paints, loading, warehousing and delivery. They were able to mix paints and try their hand at painting. As part of corporate social responsibility, Jotun is providing 20 litres of paint to be used by the students at the Convention.

At Bahrain Pipes, the team was shown how pipes are manufactured, from raw materials to the finished product. They also had the opportunity to test the quality of the pipes using different equipment. Bahrain Pipes have provided free pipes for the Convention. Union Press is providing free tissue boxes while Nass and Almanaratain are providing trainings to the students participants.

From the Tourism Sector, companies like KLM, Dadabhai Travel, Royal Golf Club, The Hotel Diva, Specific Council for Training Hospitality, Elite Group, Adhari Park will be providing training and exhibiting as well at the Convention. @Bahrain, Ministry of Culture and The Lost Paradise of Dilmun will provide further support during the Convention.

At Dadabhai Travel, the students personally experienced the process of making ticket and hotel reservations. At The Hotel Diva, they were given an overview of the Front Office, Restaurant and Banqueting services. At Royal Golf Club, students toured and have hands on experience at the Front Desk, Golf Shop, Café Restaurant and Golf Service Departments.

The training will continue 3 times a week as the Team Leaders prepare the participants for Tamkeen's upcoming Careers Convention in November at the Bahrain National Stadium.

In addition to increasing awareness about logistics, manufacturing and tourism sectors among students, the campaign will open channels of communication between youth and companies operating in these sectors.

The campaign targets the public through print and electronic media in addition to an online presence through social networks on Facebook and Twitter. Accessing the interactive website (www.tamkeen.bh/discoverlife) provides all the information on these sectors and a magazine called "After School" reaches out to students and their parents.

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