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Bab Rizq Jameel (BRJ), an initiative of ALJ Community Initiatives (ALJCI), created 9,648 job opportunities during the third quarter of the current year 2011. Jobs were created through BRJ job creation programs at all BRJ branches in the Kingdom.
Highlighting the results of BRJ’s Q3 of 2011 Saudi Arabia, Abdulrahman Al-Fihaid, BRJ Executive Director in Saudi Arabia, said the productive household program created 5,864 jobs. Based on the microfinance concept, the ‘productive household’ program provides interest-free loan of SR5,000 to a group of 3 - 5 females to start their own micro projects, such as selling accessories, wedding accessories, gift wrapping, embroidery, perfumes and perfume mixtures, makeup and other fields. The program includes several stages, the first of which starts with a loan of SR2,000 for each female, and reaches SR6,000. 
Al-Fihaid said the idea of this program is similar to Grameen Bank loans, but it is not associated with interests. Instead, it is an interest free loan.
During the third quarter of 2011, BRJ created 2,951 job opportunities in Makkah Province, followed by 2,227 in the Northern Province (Madina, Hail, Tabuk and Yanbu), 1,662 in the Eastern Province, 1,657 in the Riyadh and Qassim, and 1,151 job opportunities in the Southern Province (Assir, Jazan, Najran and Baha.
The small projects finance program created 656 job opportunities through financing 656 small projects. The program provides young males and females with interest-free loans up to SR150,000 to achieve their new or existing projects.
The direct employment program, Al Fihaid said, created 2,741 jobs during Q3. The program created 1,763 jobs for males and 978 jobs for females. The program matches between job seekers and jobs available at private sector companies, and introduces companies to qualified male and females job seekers through BRJ database. BRJ creates direct jobs with these companies. Most jobs created were production worker, salesman, security guard and female sales representative. 
Companies that cooperated with BRJ during the Q3 were Al Hukair, Tadharis Najd Security Co., SAS International, Avon, Al Hajri and Al Rajhi Contracting. Job opportunities are approved after obtaining an official statement from the employers.
In the training ending with employment program, BRJ created 236 jobs. In this program, young males and females receives training to sharpen their skills in areas required by labor market. All training courses organized through this program end with job opportunities with the private sector. Training courses conducted during the Q3 of 2011 included Mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, welding and makeup. Companies cooperated with the program included Al Hajri in the Eastern province and Al Taif Center.
Through the taxi ownership programs, BRJ created 109 job opportunities, during the Q3 of 2011. In this program, young Saudi males own their vehicles after payment of installments.
Through the truck ownership program, BRJ created 42 job opportunities. In this program, young Saudi males own their trucks after payment of installments. They use the vehicles to transport passengers, goods, vegetables and equipment.
As part of BRJ activities and programs, Nafisa Shams Academy for Arts and Crafts provided training for 130 female trainees in different fields, including soap production, secretarial works, and tailoring and toys production. In addition, jobs have been created for 111 females through the ‘work from home’ program, which is supervised by Nafisa Shams Academy for Arts and Crafts. Through this program, females produce approximately 2,000 prayer rugs every month, which is sold to Toyota and Lexus. During the Q3 of 2011, 7,759 prayer rugs were produced.
Al Fihaid further said job opportunities are different from monthly-paid jobs. Job opportunities could be a long-term position, a fixed-salary position, a part-time work, a small project, a self-employment job such as a taxi ownership, a marketing agent with a commission, a consultant or any other available opportunity that could generate income

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