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Growing Leaders completes thru CSR volunteers leadership training of teachers before summer holidays!

The Growing Leaders Foundation had the distinct honour of doing several leadership workshops with  teachers using CSR leadership trained volunteers before they left for their summer break.

During the three hour sessions, both the facilitator, volunteers and the teachers explored their unique gifts and talents in order to have a better understanding of “who am I” and “why am I here”, very important for teachers since they are the only profession that touches the future.

The session then went on to explore identifying the pursuing our own individual gifts and talents since it is only here you will excel to greatness as a leader. 

The lesson then ended on a more analytical note with the teachers understanding their own learning and leadership styles so they can become more effective with their students.

All the CSR volunteers retunred to their companies with their leadership swords well sharpened, truly excited to start up classes with students next semester as part of your CSR programs for one hour a month.


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