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Building the Business Case for CSR

The business case for CSR is complex, yet, in a more sophisticated, inter-connected, post global-recession world, the business case is stronger than ever before.

Moreover, climate change, poverty, social disenfranchisement and inequality must be addressed in a meaningful manner that is both qualitative and quantitative. With economic uncertainty and weakness, governments are reluctant to put greater burdens on business, as economic growth is essential if we are to create a fairer,…


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Sustainability - The Economic Game Changer - Part 3

Companies that rely on out of date, caustic economic modeling rather than engaging in embedded sustainability may find themselves limiting their future profits and positive market perception. This can lead financial institutions into the situation of overexposure to unsustainable investments as marketplaces move to a sustainable global economy. They should also be concerned about future vulnerabilities, as the need is exposed for a longer-term and more holistic approach to financing…


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Sustainability - Economic Game-Changer Part 2

For CEOs, the passport of sustainability delivers clear environmental, social and economic governance. As such, the sustainability passport assists in the protection against economic vulnerability through the momentum of changing market forces and mandatory reporting.


And, whilst most trends emerge slowly, or very slowly, sustainability is gaining traction across the globe, as its implications are felt across entire value chains. Companies tend to react to trends, or — as in…


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Sustainability - The Economic Game Changer

“It is one thing to flirt with an idea, and another thing to be married to it.”Freud

In founding a new long-term, visionary world economy, there is no more apposite topic than sustainability — where we develop and establish a durable, value-generating business model delivering long-term protection of the global economy, society and natural capital.



And in order to establish sustainability as a business model, organizations…


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Sustainability - the importance of the CFO

Sustainability and the importance of the CFO

Christopher Gleadle


It is typical in organisations for the CFO to be ultimately responsible for: investor relations, facilities, purchasing, human resources and IT. Moreover, CFOs have a unique vantage of operations, by seeing it from a purely financial paradigm. And, therefore, many of the business risks and opportunities exposed through a coherent sustainability strategy involve teams who lie under the…


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Strategy for Sustainability


Strategy for Sustainability

CM Gleadle


Best strategies for a business are to make clear choices and the allocation of its resources, this being comprised of: ‘ the steady accumulation of frameworks promising to unlock the secret of competition advantage’ – Walter Kiechel: The Lords of Strategy, Boston MA – Harvard Business…


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The evolution of sustainability



Throughout the great recession of 2007 – 2010, there has been a dislocation of trust between companies and the global communities they serve. Emerging from the recession – any company wanting to repair such dislocation has used sustainability as the model to achieve best results.


Whether it is customers, companies want to engage, or…


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