CSR Middle East, CSR dedicated platform with 3.555 corporate members in the Middle East.


CSR Middle East offers a range of services to our Strategic Partners and other companies and organisations.


CSR Consultancy (focusing on the regional trends)

CSR Middle East works with companies and other organisations to develop CSR. We provide a package of services which can include; identifying and prioritising key CSR issues through stakeholder engagement, employee surveys, industry benchmarking, supply chain reviews, engaging with senior management, the production of sustainability reporting and the development of CSR strategies that can be embedded throughout the organisation. For more information about our consultancy services please do not hesitate to contact us at mahaalolayan@csrmiddleeast.org


Stakeholder Engagement

CSR will vary from place to place, industry to industry and will change over time. The only way for a company to define CSR for itself is through engagement with its stakeholders. It is the interaction between the stakeholders and the company that should set the CSR priorities for the company. Indeed, CSR is not possible without some sort of reliable stakeholder engagement.


CSR Reporting and Communication

Stakeholders are increasingly holding companies accountable for their activities. Reporting on your corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategies and initiatives is now an essential part of business communications and corporate transparency. It is increasingly becoming a regulatory requirement.


At CSR Middle East we recognise that organisations are at different stages in their CSR development and by understanding the unique needs of individual companies, our team is able to provide tailored solutions to deliver an engaging sustainability message.


CSR Middle East can guide you through the entire reporting process and provide you with credible tools for reporting to your key stakeholders. We can also help to design a communication system that is useful in business planning, analysis and management strategy.


CSR Training

CSR Middle East offers regular training sessions around the Middle East region as well as conducting in-house workshops. For many of those who join us for training it is the start of a long relationship of working together for a more sustainable future. Our training courses include:


CSR Essentials - A highly practical course to get you started on CSR. After examining the emerging CSR agenda we outline seven practical tools for effective implementation of CSR.


CSR Solutions - Using a systems based approach we provide you with tools to assess, implement and link your brand to CSR, manage risks and develop a CSR strategy.  


CSR Academy - In-depth analysis of contemporary CSR issues, trends, challenges, standards and strategies with an emphasis on risk reduction and brand enhancement.


Reporting and Communications - Learn about international reporting standards and how to deliver your sustainability message effectively to support business objectives.


Business Strategies for Climate Change - A practical guide to assessing your carbon footprint and building a climate change strategy for your company.


Diversity and Inclusion Training - Tailored to meet the needs of all organisations, our diversity and inclusion training is interactive and participative with an emphasis on problem solving exercises.



Risk Assessment

When investing or developing a new project it is no longer enough to just conduct financial due diligence, a more robust approach is required.  Other issues such as; climate change, access to water, supply chains, bribery and corruption, health and land rights to name but a few must be considered.  


CSR Middle East has developed a four step approach to non-financial risk management.  CSR Middle East provides an assessment of social and environmental risks at the local level which enables you to make better investment or operational decisions.


Community Initiatives in the Middle East

Forward thinking companies understand that they can do business in ways that bring benefits to their company as well as to communities. Whereas traditional community investment often referred to large enterprise’s charitable activities close to the head office, community investment today means so much more than this. Stakeholders are not so concerned with how companies give their money away but want to understand the impact on communities throughout the value chain.


Through our consulting services, CSR Middle East can help companies to identify and develop initiatives which add value to business and to local communities and to help companies engage with broader development projects and poverty alleviations strategies.  We can work with companies to identify stakeholders, facilitate stakeholder engagement and needs anaysis, identify strategic interventions and support programme management, monitoring and evaluation.

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